Almost ready

Haha, look at me, writing in english!!! :oD
Please comment my mistakes, if you have enough time...

So we are almost ready to go. we must buy some things and prepare all the stuff but it's very hard because it's VERY HOT in Paris in this moment. Em bom português, um calôducão!!!

We start the trip 1st august, tuesday, at Billund, near Legoland. I don't know if we'll have time to visit it... :o). And back to home from Copenhaguen 21th august.

We don't know exactly the way we'll take, but there's some kind Hospitality Club members who are going to host us, cool! (cool, pour utiliser un mot français, bien sûr)

So at the moment we are sure to go to:


Most places are in the little islands in the south ! :oD
Who else wants to host us?...